Wausau Red

Creamy white quartz crystals bring elegance to the cardinal tones of this incredibly durable granite.  A staple of the natural stone marketplace since 1895, this deposit contains the only deep red granite of its kind in North America. Its rich appeal makes it ideal for exterior accents or interior focal points. The stone's combination of beauty and longevity is what has made it one of the monument industry's most popular materials.

Recommended for interior and exterior applications.  Including, but not limited to: interior accents, counter tops, tile, exterior paving, landscape stone, building veneer, wall panels, armor stone, crushed stone, and decorative aggregate.

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Length As each stone is unique, sizes will vary upon availability, desired thickness and finish.

Technical Information

Geological Classification: Granite
Compressive Strength: 30,280 PSI
Modulus of Rupture: 3,010 PSI
Absorption by Weight: 0.2%
Density: 164.1 lbs/ft3

Quartz Color: Creamy White
Grain Size: Medium-Grain
Directional Movement: No

Based upon its abundance, uniqueness, economic value, and historical significance, Wisconsin designated Red Granite as its state stone on March 9, 1971.

Suitable for projects located in areas that are prone to severe freezing and thawing cycles.

Finish Options

Bush Hammered


Hand Rocked